Return Delivery Note (RMA procedure)

Dear customer,

In order to process return deliveries quickly and smoothly, please apply for a RMA number (see also RMA number request) before shipping back.
Please label the outside of the shipping package as well as all shipping documents with the RMA number. After applying a RMA number, you will automatically receive the delivery note together with the RMA number from igni-power.

1. RMA number request
To apply for a RMA number please use our RMA form. Enter your address data into the form,and all data for the hardware (ignition type, program version number and program data) to be returned. Please provide a detailed problem description with each serial board to assist the repair staff. ("defective" is not sufficient).

Please send the RMA form to igni-power

As soon as we verified the data, your RMA number will be generated. You will receive a return delivery note form by e-mail or by fax (if you did not indicate an e-mail address). e-mail is highly recommended since this accelerates the processing.

2. Return for repair

  • Please send the device together with the return delivery note to the address that above.
  • The signed return delivery form including all necessary information must be enclosed with the consignment. Return deliveries without a detailed description of the defect cannot be processed.
  • Please label the outside of the shipping package with the RMA number.
  • The product to be repaired must be packed correctly according to ESD guidelines. Please use the original packaging if possible.
  • All deliveries to igni-power have to be paid by the customer. Igni-power will refuse the reception of unpaid deliveries.

3. Possible costs

igni-power is entitled to reimbursement of costs (EUR 70,00 plus freight costs and VAT) if you report what you believe to be a defect without being able to prove it to be so.
igni-power will charge the customer for the repair of damages which are caused by the customer through the misuse of the product, even if the product is still under warranty.

  • For minor damages, igni-power will charge a general fee of EUR 90,00  for the repair, without informing the customer in advance. If the customer wants to be informed in advance, he has to specify this within the RMA form. This can lead to a longer repair time than usually specified by igni-power.
  • For extensive damages, igni-power will automatically send an offer for the repair in advance.

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Use the EXCEL-file these can work on the PC!

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